Harry T. Mowbray

President – Management, ME, Plumbing Estimator & Design, and Master Plumber

Harry T. Mowbray began working at Mowbray & Son, Inc when he was in high school. After high school graduation, he attended North Dakota State University where and studied Mechanical Engineering. Harry graduated with a B.A in Mechanical Engineering in 1998. Harry joined the company full-time as a field employee in 1998. After 5 years in the Local 300 apprenticeship program, he earned his journeyman plumbing license in 2003. In 2004, he became a full-time mechanical estimator, manager, and Vice-President of Mowbray & Son, Inc. In 2006, Harry T. Mowbray became a 4th generation Master plumber. In 2007, he became IGSHPA (International Ground Source Heat Pump Association) accredited installer. On January 1, 2013, Harry became the 4th generation President of Mowbray & Son, Inc. He continues under the 4th generation with such projects as MAFB BX, EOG Office & Warehouse – Stanley, both South Prairie School additions, MAFB dorms 205/207, MAFB Geo MAF, MAFB Control Tower/Base Ops, MSU Wellness Center and Dome Geo Conversion, Erik Ramstad, school additions for Longfellow, Lewis & Clark, and Edison, Ward County Courthouse Additions, Minot International Airport, Nedrose Public School, John Hoeven Minot Elementary, and Ward County Jail Expansion. Harry T. Mowbray also serves as Vice-President of City Air Mechanical, Inc, Bismarck, ND.